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Concept Building

  • Regular Lectures : Batch wise classes having regular lectures and classes are appropriately set up for JEE and NEET separately.
  • Revision Classes : The last day of the week is always for the revision, so that the tudents can recall the part of syllabus they have completed by then.
  • Smart Board Sessions : Special smart classes for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology on the basis of their syllabus, for better understanding.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: There are daily sessions arranged separately for the students to clarify their doubts regarding the lectures that day.

Study Materials

  • Topic wise books/ booklets: The booklets and sheets are provided for topic of subject to avoid heavy bags.
  • Question Banks: Question banks of each topic will be provided to the students for sufficient practice and updated knowledge of patterns.
  • Previous Years Questionnaires: Question papers from the previous years are also made available to the students in every respective batch (JEE/NEET/Pre-Foundation).
  • Board Worksheets: These helps the students in enhancing writing skills for the board level exams. Basically to adapt fast writing and memory techniques.

Test & Examination Structure

  • Unit Test : Fortnightly Tests that basically concentrates on the units or topics that are a part of the recent
    lectures. This makes the students focus on the topics more often.
  • JEE Main Mock : Test taken once in a period of two months in the JEE Main Pattern of 3 hours duration. This
    helps them know the pattern and practice to face it.
  • JEE Advanced Mock : A duet test on same day of 3 hours each, taken once in two months in the JEE Advanced pattern. Helping them to know the pattern and to solve it.
  • Pre-Board (Pattern) : For the Pre-Foundation students, these are the mini board exams to realize the CBSE board exam pattern and solve the issues with proper techniques.

Additional Aspects

  • Co-Curricular Activities: Occasional activities and tests to enhance their skills and thought process that would be useful in academic and non-academic
  • Online Tests: Computer and internet-based examinations to analyze skills and knowledge.
  • Workshops: Programs and workshops conducted by various maestros in the felds are also organized to indulge the students with something extra knowledgeable
  • Library: Fully air-conditioned library for students, well equipped with study materials. Mock tests and previous year question papers of JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, etc. for practice of students.
  • E-Library: As many exams are conducted by Online Mode. We provide computer-based mock tests for practice.